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About LifeArtVision

LifeArtVision was founded in 2017 by two independent eyewear designers
to answer this question:

Doesn’t everyone deserve to look good while wearing an affordable pair of glasses? Thus LifeArtVision was born in the Orange County - a natural fit in the home of forward-thinking, tech-savvy companies. The mission was clear: Give people glasses they can actually afford but still make them look like a million bucks. It started small, a little company with big ideas, but it quickly grew into a phenomenon. Fashionistas, moms on-the-go, discerning customers; everyone found that they could get the selection they deserved at prices they could afford with LifeArtVision.

LifeArtVision Optical was built upon the following principles, and is dedicated to fulfilling them:

  • To provide the most affordable eyeglasses to people all over the world.
  • To provide the highest-quality optical lenses to our customers.
  • To make it easy to order eyeglasses online.
  • To provide exceptional customer support.
Domestic and foreign factory strength let the company set product production, sales in one. For a long time, we continue to invest in strengthening the company's infrastructure construction, active research and development and introduction of high-tech products, from the blade design, four-point stable technology, very good to enhance the firmness of rimless glasses. In 2021, LifeArtVision devoted itself to the research and development of all new screws free structure glasses. After tens of thousands of structural tests and tens of thousands of experiments, LifeArtVision successfully developed the "magic card series" in 2021 and applied for the product invention patent. At the same time, the design process is also innovative, and created the enamel glaze process. The color glaze is perfectly integrated into the outer edge of the lens, so that it looks like a frame is actually rimless empty inspiration.

LifeArtVision glasses is the leader of rimless diamond rimmed glasses. Each LifeArtVision diamond rimmed glasses comes from the designer's unique 27 perfect processes, and is purely handmade. LifeArtVision series of glasses ranks among the international high-end rimless diamond rimmed glasses because of its fashionable appearance, exquisite technology and excellent quality. Known by celebrities around the world as the "global rich artistic glasses"

In the development of LifeArtVision glasses, we always adhere to the spirit of innovation and craftsmanship. We insist that product innovation is the foundation of brand development and establishment. Therefore, we strive for perfection in every link of glasses production, and based on creating high-end diamond-rimmed glasses with 100% customer satisfaction, we have established a leading position in customer service satisfaction in the industry.