How to choose a pair of glasses that fit your own?

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How to choose a pair of glasses that fit your own?

With the development of science and technology and the gradual increase of myopia people, the brand of glasses is also diverse, which has made many myopia tangled when buying glasses. So how can we pick up a pair of glasses that suits them? Today, follow the editor to learn about it!


What are the harm of the poor quality of the glasses?

Many new shapes on the market now seem to be inferior to fashion. Infinite glasses hurt people very much, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

① The effect of affecting children's astigmatism axis, bridge development and amblyopia treatment effects, affecting the progress of adolescent myopia. In addition, inferior glasses resin matrix is impure, which can cause deformation or dizziness of vision;

② Poor metal smelting process, low purity, large impurities, and may even contain radioactive elements that are harmful to the head;

③ Inflected glasses do not meet the national quality standards in assembly. Double -view lenses are high and low, left or right, the pupil distance is inaccurate, and the astigmatism axis position is inaccurate, etc., which will cause inappropriate prism effects, affecting normal visual functions;

④ In addition, there are also harm to skin irritation, allergies, softness, and deformation.

How to choose a suitable glasses?


Select the premise of suitable glasses -accurate optometry

The optometry is not allowed to deepen the number of vision near (far), and may also cause strabismus, which is very harmful to vision. Therefore, optometry must choose a qualified institution. If you are adolescents, people with high myopia, and refractive people, you may need to be scattered. It is best to go to the hospital's optometry center optometry, and avoid strenuous exercise or drink alcoholic drinks before optometry.


Choose high -quality lenses

The quality of the lens affects the advantages and disadvantages of glasses. At present, there are mainly resin lenses, PC lenses, and ordinary optical glass lenses in the market. Among them, the texture of resin and PC lenses is relatively light, and it is not easy to break, especially PC lenses are more suitable for groups that love sports; glass lenses are cheaper and durable, but the control effect is not good.

In addition, in the same degree, the higher the lens refractive index, the thinner the lens. For those who have a higher degree, try to choose a high refractive index lens as much as possible, and it is easier to wear.


Choose a light mirror frame

The selection of frames affects the comfort of our daily wear, not to mention that the frame also needs long -term shelves on the nose, so we must also take weight as a reference when choosing. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to choose a more light titanium or tungsten carbon -based mirror, and it is more in line with health needs.

In addition, when choosing a frame, you can also consider the following points in conjunction with your own situation:

① The size of the glasses frame should be based on the pupil distance of the wearer, that is, the geometric center distance of the selected mirror frame should be as consistent with the pupil distance between the wearer.

② The height of the frame should meet the requirements of the wearer's vision. For example, when assembling glasses, in order to ensure that there is enough visual distant and near -view areas, the frame cannot be lower than a certain height.

③ Children are in the period of growth and development, the size of the facial and head will continue to change, and the glasses frame needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, when choosing a glasses rack for children, they should consider good elasticity, high strength, good security, and stable structure.

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