How to choose glasses

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How to choose glasses

1. Choose glasses in square faces, choose narrow round lenses frames to enlarge the glasses and make the skin whiter the skin.

2. Select the popular metal edge of the goose egg face. There is a black pattern in the middle of the border. The surrounding metal frame glasses are more ideal. Goose egg face is generally very long, with a sharp lower chin. Choose the glasses frame. You can choose the larger glasses frame.

3. People with a long face have a very long face. The most ideal glasses frame is black glasses frame. The visually face shape will feel thinner. The golden frame glasses frame is worn, but it feels dull and vibrant. Essence

4. Wide face, friends with double chin, choose glasses frame, you can choose narrow glasses frames, and the frame is particularly lightweight glasses. Don't wear large -frame glasses, it will give people the space occupying too much.

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