Choose the right glasses, comparable to changing face?

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Choose the right glasses, comparable to changing face?

As a piece of item for overall wearing, glasses can also make a finishing touch on the overall image. The visual focus of the glasses is on the average human visual height. As one of the few items printed in the eye, the importance of the color and style choice is self -evident. Others also include the same visual height. Hats, pendants, etc.

How should I choose for everyone's glasses? Come and talk about topics that most people care about in this article.

What factors do you need to consider for your glasses?
Like every single product on the whole body, the color season and style of the glasses are very important key factors. The style affects the style of the glasses. Whether it is round, square or irregular shape, is determined by style; color seasonal influence is the color of the glasses, colorless, white, black or color, color seasonal regulation It is harmonious with the color of your whole body.

But unlike other items accessories, in addition to the color season and style, the glasses also need to consider the face shape. It requires comprehensive style, color seasonal type, and face shape to consider it to find the glasses suitable for you.

2. How to choose the glasses suitable for you?
1. The impact of your style on glasses

When we choose glasses ourselves, we will consider the style of the glasses. Whether it is a square form or an oval shape. The first thing to consider whether to choose glasses is the straight line or curved problem of the glasses. Although only the eight styles of the lady are divided into straight songs, there are also straight -style models of men's five styles.

Let's take the eight styles of the lady as an example to make a rough explanation of its suitable glasses style. Everyone can combine their own styles of their suitable glasses, and can have a general understanding.

1) Ladies curve style suitable glasses

The girl, elegance and romantic style in the curve style, and the three -style glasses style is also related to their own style characteristics.

The style suitable for girls needs to emphasize cuteness and exquisiteness. Some small oval glasses are very suitable and need to avoid maturity and edges.

Surgery suitable for girls style
The elegant style is characterized by dignified and small femininity. The overall style needs to be light and soft. Its size should be medium. It should not be too stingy or exaggerated, such as some normal styles of cat glasses.

Suitable for elegant style glasses
The romantic style requires the atmospheric, mature, and gorgeous curve, which is very strong to set off their temperament. A pair of cat glasses that can discharge are the most suitable sexy and mature femininity that is most suitable for the romantic style.

Suitable for romantic style glasses
2) Women's linear style suitable glasses

The teenagers, fashion, classical, natural and drama in the straight -line style, the shape of the overall suitable glasses needs to be based on the sense of straight line, and the shape of the curve is needed.

The simple and capable style of juvenile style determines that they need simple lines to choose glasses, such as small -version rectangular glasses.

Speakers suitable for juvenile style
The changing and personality of fashion style affects the style of their glasses. The needs of their glasses are trendy or have a technological element, such as some irregular shapes of glasses.

Fashion style suitable glasses
The choice of classical styles on the glasses is the opposite of fashion style. The shape needs to be quite satisfactory. The material needs to look superior. Some of the frame that looks like a strong texture and wooden frame should not be considered.

Classical style glasses
The randomness and chicness of the natural style can wear the feeling of not leaking traces, such as nude big -frame glasses.

Glasses suitable for natural style
The exaggerated, atmospheric, strong large frames, thick black -frame glasses, and even small frames are the most suitable for drama style. In short, it is exaggerated, whether it is large or very small.

Drama style suitable glasses
3) Men's style suitable glasses

For men, the fashion style, romantic style, classical style, natural style and drama style glasses are not much different from women, as long as they follow the main characteristics of each style and emphasize the distinction between straight songs. For example, there are only romantic styles that are most suitable for curvic glasses in men's style. Other styles are mainly straight -line glasses.

Men's romantic style suitable glasses
2. The effect of your color seasonal type on glasses

Different color seasonal types affect the color of the glasses. Taking six inherent color features, deep, cold, warm, clean, and soft as an example, different people need to choose glasses that suits them based on these six characteristics.

Suitable for cold, pure color seasonal glasses
The color suitable for dark people is rich, heavy, and some thick frame black mirror frames are very suitable; light -colored people's frames need to be light, colorless, light grayless, half -frame or metal, or metal The edges are suitable; the golden metal frame is suitable for warm -colored people and net -colored people; cold -colored people are suitable for silver, cold gray, and need to avoid brown. Frames, those nude, earth color are more suitable.

Suitable for light, warm color seasonal glasses
3. The effect of your face on the glasses

The impact of face shape on glasses is mainly based on the current demand for popular aesthetics. Through glasses, we have different faces to modify the standard aesthetic-goose egg face as much as possible.

1) Round face: Circles need to be modified by shaping the vertical lines by glasses. For example, some flat -length frames can make the face outline obvious.

2) Long face: The wide -edge large frame can be used to cover part of the face to avoid wing mirror frames.

3) Square face: The elliptical frame can be used to reconcile the tough face.

4) Inside triangular face: You can choose long oval or thicker borders to balance the facial lines.

5) Diamond -shaped face: Try to avoid thinning borders as much as possible, and ellipse can be used.

In short, when choosing a suitable for your own glasses, the style and color seasonal type are still the most important. Secondly, consider the more detailed effects of face shape, eye spacing, head size, etc.

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